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Hi, I'm Kathy. 

I am a nutritionist, behavior change coach and personal trainer who helps clients love and nourish their bodies with real food and joyful movement. 

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I believe in eating real food.

Food is more than just a means to an ideal body. Food helps us build community, connects us to our past and gives us the energy and nutrition we need to do all the amazing things that we do in our lives.  


I’m a working mom of two and I’d rather be riding my bike than spending hours in the kitchen each day. I understand what it’s like to keep everyone fed through their long days and after school activities. 


In college, I studied agricultural education and then returned for my education in human biology, nutrition and exercise science. I understand food from the soil to your cells. 

Given the immense power of food marketing and the diet culture, I truly believe that your weight and your health are not your fault. It is, however, your problem to solve. When we work together, you’ll be guided on a journey to put food in its rightful place and to move in ways that sustain your body for a lifetime of joyful movement. 


If you have kids at home, you’ll have the tools to help them become healthy, adventurous eaters and who feel comfortable in their bodies. 


I don’t promise your 20-year-old body back, but I do promise you will like and care for your current body in ways that make you feel radiant and joyful.    

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"My experience with Kathy was life changing.  Her knowledge of nutrition and her life skills coaching encouraged and enabled me to lose a significant amount of weight.  Kathy was always kind, encouraging and non-judgmental throughout my weight loss journey.  I have successfully kept my weight off for two years thanks to the skills I learned from Kathy."  



My Training & Experience:​​

  • Certified Master Health & Nutrition Coach, Precision Nutrition-Level 2  

  • Positive Intelligence Trained Coach  

  • Principles of Nutrition Science & Metabolism, Graduate Course, Colorado State University  

  • Diabetes, A Global Challenge, University of Copenhagen  

  • Corrective Exercise Specialist & Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine  

  • Functional Movement Systems, Level 1 & 2  

  • Pregnancy & Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, Core Exercise Solutions  

  • Bachelor of Science in Education, Colorado State University  


Are you ready to get into motion?

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