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Personal Training

One-on-one training in my private studio in Steamboat Springs or online. 

I love solving the puzzle of the human body, one client at a time.

You want to be strong and feel confident in your body and to kick butt at your favorite activities. 


I'll help you find a long term, whole life approach to fitness and health. I realize that every day is a juggle of things you have to do and people who depend on you and planning what to eat and how to exercise is a hurdle that you don't need.  Work with me and we'll clear the roadblocks and make the best use of your time. 


I can help you:  


  • Maximize performance for your golf game, bike ride, ski season or other activity. 

  • Develop balance, agility, flexibility, power, endurance and strength -- all keys to lifelong fitness. 

  • Safely bridge from physical therapy to full activity. 

  • Lose weight with healthy, long term nutrition strategies and physical activity. 

  • Put together a series of daily and weekly habits that help you fuel your body, so you fuel your life. 


I love solving the puzzle of the human body, one client at a time. Exercise is my mental health prescription and my physical remedy for many of life's aches and pains. Eating well is the foundation. 

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Personal Training
$110 for 55 minute session
Available for purchase in multiple session packages. 

Looking for something you can do anywhere?
I can prescribe workouts to your phone or computer.
$100 initial live session + $39/month.
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