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Energize! Group Coaching Program

Mar 5, 2024 - Aug 21, 2024


Welcome to "Energize" – a place to make long term, sustainable change for your health and body. You'll eat foods that taste good AND makes you feel good. You'll learn to quiet the mind chatter around food and health by building your mental muscles. You'll build muscle and strength to support your adventures. You will set attainable goals, delve deep into your habits, find exercise you love and ensure I'm by your side every step of the way. For the first four months, you will meet weekly with me as your coach and the group and have daily support via an app. For the last two months of the program, you will meet with your coaching group twice monthly so you continue to tweak your habits and solidify the process towards your goal. How it works: You choose one meeting per week: Tuesdays at 5 p.m. mountain time via Zoom or Wednesdays at noon mountain time in person in Steamboat Springs. Each week, you also watch 1 hour of recorded lessons, and practice 15 minutes daily. The first 6 weeks will be the most intense as you learn these habits but as you incorporate changes into your routine, you'll wonder how you lived any other way!



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